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108R01482 - Xerox Drum Magenta  - call 01293 326406 for pricing  

108R01482 - Xerox Drum Magenta  

For use in:-

  • Xerox VersaLink C500
  • Xerox VersaLink C505

Yield :- 40,000 revolutions

Call 01293 326406 or email sales@dos-crawley.co.uk to place an order

108R01481 - Genuine Xerox Drum Cyan  sales, supplier, nationwide delivery

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108R01482 - Genuine Xerox Drum Magenta  

Xerox VersaLink C500 and C505 Drum Magenta  are available for use in:-

  • Xerox VersaLink C500
  • Xerox VersaLink C505

Alternative Part Numbers:- 108R01482

These genuine Xerox 108R01482 - Drum Magenta  replace faulty, worn Feed Roller Kit in Xerox VersaLink C500, C505  printers.

Xerox have built the Xerox VersaLink Drum Cartridge to simplify the process of replacing old drums in your laser printer. Offering the same high standard of printing as the original printer – the replacement drum can be quickly and simply fitted into the printer, ensuring your machine’s downtime and inactivity is minimised.

Built to work with the VersaLink C500, C505 laser printers, the Xerox VersaLink Drum Cartridge 108R01482 utilises the same toner technology to ensure your output remains of the highest possible standard. Incredibly quick and simple to fit into the printer – the replacement drum will ensure you’re able to continue printing to the same high standards as before.

A damaged or worn drum is one of the major causes of a loss of print quality in laser printers. If your toner levels are high but the prints are suffering from blurring, Magenta spots or other forms of poor quality reproduction; the drum is probably to blame. Fortunately a faulty drum is not terminal for the printer, as replacements are plentiful and affordable.

Replacing the drum is not a long drawn out process, requiring the skills of an engineer. The vast majority of drum replacement jobs can be quickly and effectively completed with just a simple consultation with the user manual. And replacing this component is certainly a lot cheaper than investing in a whole new printer.

Having attended extensive manufacturer training, Digital Office Solutions have the knowledge and experience to help you find all and any replacements required to help you continue printing to the highest possible standard. If you do not feel confident replacing the Drum Unit we can do it for you.

The 108R01482 - Drum Magenta  yields up to 40,000 revolutions.

  • We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers are directed to the perfect consumables to suit their specific requirements. With over 40 years of manufacturer-trained experience, we are completely independent printing experts, we are able to offer 100% impartial advice and guidance for all of our customers.

Call 01293 326406 or email sales@dos-crawley.co.uk to place a service call

108R01481, Xerox VersaLink C500, C505 Genuine Drum Cyan  108R01481, Alternative Part Numbers:- 108R01481, Genuine Drum Cyan  108R01481, supplier, in stock, sales, nationwide, cheap, delivery

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108R01482 - Drum Magenta

108R01482 - Genuine Xerox Drum Magenta  sales, supplier, nationwide delivery

108R01482 Xerox VersaLink C500, C505 Drum Magenta   sales, Nationwide, Pay less for 108R01482 Alternative Part Numbers:- 108R01482 Genuine Drum Magenta  - FREE Delivery - Reliable cartridges. Reliable delivery. Every time!

108R01482, Xerox VersaLink C500, C505 Genuine Drum Magenta  108R01482, Alternative Part Numbers:- 108R01482, Genuine Drum Magenta  108R01482, supplier, in stock, sales, nationwide, cheap, delivery

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